2018: The Start of New Beginnings

2018: The Start of New Beginnings

I am not quite sure why I wanted to start this blog…except for three things….

  1. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and though I’ve had little to no formal training, I’ve written a lot of stuff…now it’s time to put it out there…
  2. As I inch excitedly towards 50, I’ve reached a point in my life where it is IMPERATIVE that I find my truth…I need to find my space in this world and I need to find my purpose…it is a matter of life and death….dramatic, but no seriously. Something has been pulling at me for quite some time and it is time to answer that call.
  3. And lastly, #3 I’ve been on a spiritual journey for the last 20 something years…and I don’t feel I am any closer today than I was then…but that’s me being hard on myself because we are our worst critics.   And though I don’t knock the journey… I started to think that if I started to blog it …I WOULD SOMEHOW BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR IT… by all of you… and so here goes…

          Can I just say this blogging business is not easy!!! I started back in October and am still trying to figure it out.  Purchased books, researched blogs, read a lot of them, hired someone to help me with the layout and all.  What I’ve learned is you need to be consistent with it.  If I stayed away from it for more than a couple of days, when I revisited, it felt like the first time.  

This me attempting to have my photos taken for this blog….AWKWARD… PC|Geralogy.com

        I googled the top bloggers of 2017 and one of the lists I found gave me the following information: Out of the top bloggers considered by that site – 59 were women, 6 were men, 57 were Caucasian and 2 of color.  Insert eyebrow raised here.  Where are all the Latino bloggers?  Where are all the Latino lifestyle bloggers?  Where are all the Latino lifestyle bloggers for women over 40 (nearing 50)?  Don’t get me wrong.  I follow a few fashion bloggers and I absolutely adore them, but at my age, fashion is not a top priority.  I am more interested in personal growth, health, travel, and being inspired.

     So I guess this is where I come in – because that is what I will be writing about.  I’ll share some of my favorite personal growth authors, articles, musings; even some of the stuff I’ve written. I want to share with you places I have visited and places in my bucket list.  You’ll see lots of pictures and funny stories about my adventures with Max.  You’ll even read some endless streams of consciousness about a little of bit of everything because goodness knows I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things.  

     My hope is that I can inspire some of you to start on your own blogging journey and be inspired by all of you to keep on keeping on!

      Let the journey begin!



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