25 things ya’ll don’t know about me.. and probably could careless..but here goes..

(I saw this on another blog and thought it was a great way to give you a smidgen of a glimpse into me and my world)

  1. I am a grandmother (this is the only time on this blog I will use this word, he actually calls me Mima)…and I already told you this …to Max who is 4 and Esme whose ETA is July 2018….so excited…
My superhero…
  1. I really am 49…every now and then I check my birth certificate (the original is like a microfiche and it is all dilapidated), to make sure they didn’t get the year wrong…though the microfiche does give it away.
  2. I hate the fact that I never grew up with my dad and often think that’s why I have so many DADDYYYYY issuessss….
  3. I suffer from severe paranoia..I’ve watched way too many crime shows..Criminal Minds, Forensic Science, Law and Order—- and so I overthink any and all situations and have envisioned myself falling while dusting and nobody finding me for dayssss…even though I live with my daughter…
  4. I hate teaching…okay close friends and family know this about me…but it is one of the hardest jobs EVER…and if one more person says to me “but at least you have summers off” I swear to God I may end up on one of those crime shows myself!!!
  5. I sometimes say, well a lot of times, I say that had I had kids before teaching, I would have never had them, but that is so not true..just sounds good.
  6. I have secretly envisioned being a stripper or maybe online pornstar….HA! I know too late now…
  7. I have poetry and other writings going all the way back to my teens…still in my possession…of course most of them sad and sappy heartbreaking poetry about lost love and broken hearts…like what the hell did I know about broken hearts at 15? SMH
  8. I pray every night…and sometimes I pray several times a day…. yes I PRAY!.. I don’t go to church and don’t really associate with any organized religion, but I pray because I KNOW that there is a higher power and we could not be surviving in this mess without one.
  9. I suffer from anxiety and depression….for years….but therapy has helped.  I have th best therapist in the world.
  10. I think some self-help stuff out there is bullshit.  Some, not all.
  11. I believe we are capable of accomplishing anything we want.
  12. I have a really hard time letting go of relationships, especially bad ones.
  13. Hell! I have a knack for picking the wrong guys, all of the time.  Is that only me??
  14. I love wine…hence my blog title …LolaUncorked…Oh-Em-Gee!!! Red is my favorite and I will highlight some of them on here.
  15. Oh! Don’t serve me wine in a plastic cup…oh hell no…another blog..
  16. I love, love, love collecting things…anything, magazines, pens from conferences, shoes, clothes, antiques, again, bad men…
  17. I was never afraid of dying alone, but now I kind of am…Isn’t that the way it is as you age?
  18. One year after a series of “bad” men, I embarked on a yearlong journey into LGBT world…can I just tell you?!?! Ok another blog…
  19. I hate working out and eating healthy though I pretend the contrary….and I realize it’s important for someone “my” age… LOL
  20. Sometimes it’s really hard not to post on someone’s location feed “I don’t give a shit” if you just checked into the dentist….and god forbid they post a pic of the saliva sucker…
  21. I have about 979 pet peeves, everything from… people who don’t know how to use they’re, there, and their. Watch me post some misspelled shit to people who blow the horn a split second before the light turns green– the list is endless.
  22. I completely understand why businesses do not want you to use your cell phone while doing business, the last thing I want to hear is your conversation about the great sex you had last night, since I am not having any at the moment or why your prescription for  some undesired ailment is so expensive…
  23. I have a pretty mean tongue sometimes, but I got that shit in check….I swear I do. But damn talk about a lethal tongue!
  24. I am so socially awkward…believe it or not I truly am..I swear. 
  25. Last but not least, my hope is that I will use this platform to find my truth and one day be featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday talking about my transformation and ya’ll may think that shit is funny but hey! Keep your eyes and ears open….

With all this said, I do know I am extremely blessed in so many ways and being grateful for what I have is what is opening doors for all that is coming…





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