Discovering Your Essence


I have been thinking a lot about this blog and where I want to take it.  I follow some really good blogs but there so many that lack substance in content but full of great visuals.  I want the opposite.  I want my blog to be full of substance and hey if I can get the visuals in there (hint hint – LOL) great!!

I want to hook my readers (you) with words that you can connect with, experiences that touch and INSPIRE you.  I want you to follow me on my journey and watch me grow and hopefully grow with me.

So I am currently doing a 20 in 30 challenge for the month of April- 20 classes in 30 days.  Really requires commitment, but the results, both mental and physical are amazing. 

Anyway, during my class this week, the instructor talked about the roles we play in our lives and how we fall into the trap of thinking those roles define us.  We say things like I am a teacher” or “I am a mom or sister or blogger”. 

She mentioned that sometimes we get so caught up in the many roles we play that we lose touch with our true essence, who we are at the core.

I started thinking about myself in particular and it made so much sense to me.  Think about it guys, if we only identify with the different roles we play, what happens when those roles are taken away. core

What happens if I lose my job as a teacher or when I retire, does that mean I am no longer me?  Look at empty nesters, when their kids move out or go away to college, the struggle is real.  They find themselves completely lost because they spent their entire lives identifying themselves through their role as a parent.  

We have to remember that even though the different roles we play in our lives are fulfilling, ultimately they are not who we are.  The essence of us is what remains when all those hats are removed.  Who are you consistently? Who are you when you are sitting in your silence?

Are you kind all the time?  Are you humble?  Are you an asshole to people?  Do you behave the same way in all situations?   Are you predictable? Do people around you know exactly what to expect in regards to how you treat others and how you behave?  Do you spend any time trying to figure it out, by reading or meditating, or even therapy?


If you haven’t yet figured out what your essence is, your soul, who are you at the core, then that is my challenge to you.  Get on it.  And do it quickly!

This is part of my process.  Here in this blog.  To discover once and for all who am I inside.  When I remove all the hats I wear, what is left.

I think I am pretty close to knowing who I am.  But like I’ve mentioned before I fall off the wagon and like all things consistency is key in any venture.  And I have not yet developed the level of consistency required.  But I am always working at it.


I read a lot of books and the one book I am currently reading which I love and which I believe is moving me closer to my core is The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. 


In this book, Singer talks about the voice inside our head (which is always going a mile a minute) and how when we realize that the voice is not us talking, when we become the observer of that voice, we are one step closer to our true self.  untetheredsoul

So for this week I challenge you all to do ONE thing that will bring you closer to discovering you.  Maybe read a book, take a yoga class, meditate, journal everyday for a week and see what you journal about, become aware of the voice and notice any patterns in what that voice says.  

Remember, we are not defined by the roles we play, but the essence or core or energy we bring to those roles – that is who we really are and that is what we should be working on learning more about, developing and growing it.


Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Discovering Your Essence

  1. Great post! The Untethered Soul + The Power of Now are the foundations upon which I am building my new self. It’s like I’ve been staring at a huge wall my whole life and now cracks and crumbles are breaking that wall apart and I can see this whole other way to live on the other side. Amazing!


    1. It’s such a process for me. One recurring theme I am finding is this idea of setting a time aside to sit in silence. I don’t do that enough.


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