Speaking of Juices

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday!!! I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I blogged.  I’ve just been so crazy busy with life.  No excuses because I have plenty I want to share.  I also felt because I posted 3 blogs in a matter of two days that I got a free pass.  But I am noticing that when I (don’t write consistently the juices stop flowing and its hard to get my groove back.

Speaking of juices – that’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you guys about.

So I was hanging out at this local bar that is frequented by all types of people, all ages, ethnic groups, genders, sexual orientation!!  All the reasons why I love it.  We have regulars, not so regulars and the occasional drive by, who drop in and we never see again.  I just love this place, the food is fantastic and the people even better. im-84-years-old-of-course-i-have-sex-on-a-first-date-funny-quote

Recently, though I’ve been kind of observing some of the older ladies  – I mean older, older – late 60s and early 70s. 

They come out all dolled up on Friday nights.  They have their cocktails, work the bar, and they hit on men!!  Fantastic!

I got into a whole conversation about this because I am wondering do women, say in their mid 60s to late 70s really still get horny?  Like do their juices flow?  Because let me tell you there are some women in there who would give me a run for my money in the hooking up department.  They are fierce and relentless. And I want to know their secret!!

I go to this spot because it is easy and familiar.  I don’t have to get dolled up, if I don’t want to.  I can show up at any time before closing time and find DELICIOUS food – I know I know, I shouldn’t be eating that late, but oh well! And I don’t go to meet potential dates!

But for these women this is their BIG NIGHT out.  I watch as they work the room and pursue men twice their junior with no shame (which I think is ABSOLUTELY fantastic!!!) To me it speaks to their self -confidence and high self esteem.  Something younger women can definitely learn and pick up.   

But I’m wondering about a few things: hmmm.jpeg

  1. Are they still “physically” sexually driven to meet men? As in, do their juices flow, does their body go through the physical phases of getting turned on?
  2. Is it more of a psychological sexual drive? One in which they’ve convinced themselves they need to “be” sexual and act turned on in order to snag a man.
  3. Is it driven by our competitive society, one in which they feel they have to compete with a younger generation?

Look I am just asking and playing devil’s advocate because at almost 50 it takes A LOT to stimulate me, meaning my mind, before I can even think about being turned on by someone physically– so I am thinking at 65 or in my 70s – if I do not already have a companion – hell it’s going to be a wrap for me.   TRUEESSENCE

The idea of dressing up and getting dolled up and going out and trying to meet men and actively flirting to hook up is quite frankly – exhausting. 

I really am exhausted just thinking about it.

But, of course, never say never right?! Because you best believe I’ll go pre-natal if it presented itself (as explained in a previous post)!

Either way I give kudos to the older women who put themselves out there like that!  And kudos to the men who are not shallow minded and find them attractive, intelligent and SEXY!!! 


Happy Monday Loves!




One thought on “Speaking of Juices

  1. Since everybody’s always talking about the rising STD rates and other woman quarrels at Senior Living Facilities, I assume the juices must still be flowing!


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