Everyone should take a solo trip…at least once!

Hey my loves! So because I just recently went away to South Beach, I did a survey on about solo travel!  I was so disappointed that a whopping 67% of you would NOT travel alone. Solo travel is like the best thing ever!

I’ve made some wonderful friends traveling…that I still talk to today…

So I am here to give you some pros about traveling solo and tips on how to make your solo vacation a success!

Listen, I love a group vacation. But we all know if the vibe and dynamics are not there, group vacations can be ..hmmm…


I’ll give you a couple of examples.  We used to take lots of family vacations together.  Ranging in age from 3 to 82.  One year we all went to Florida.  About 10-12 of us.  When it came to going out to eat, it never occurred to us to go out to eat with our respective family units and then meet up afterwards for whatever activity.

We basically spent more time deciding where we were going, then actually enjoying each other’s company.  And then many restaurants couldn’t handle our group, so we wasted a lot of time deciding and not doing.  

Deciding on a meal….alone…

There’s also the group vacation you take with a group of girlfriends or guys.  Right? Who’s tired? Who didn’t bring enough to wear? Who is a picky eater? Who is counting pennies?  I mean the list is endless. 

And the reality is hanging out with your friends back home for a few hours is V E R Y different than spending an entire week on vacation together.  I’ve only had two vacations with friends that were MEMORABLE!  Out of many.

Hence, why I L O V E solo trips!  Here are my top 5 reasons why I like traveling alone: 

  1. You can do W H A T E V E R fancies you.  Eat when you want, sleep when you want, sightsee what and when you want.
  2. You can have the room all to yourself. And if you meet someone and want to bring them back – you MOST definitely can (hey, it happens!)
  3. You don’t have to share your clothes, swimsuits or toiletries or money! (We all have that one friend!)
  4. You don’t have to split the bill evenly even when you just had a salad or a drink.  LOL.
  5. You don’t have to do anything – you can lay on a beach, listening to your tunes, reading, meditating, napping, without having to engage in mindless chatter.  Silence can be golden at times, something we don’t enjoy enough of.solotravel3-e1529080428197.jpg

Here are 5 tips for making your solo trip a success:

  1. Before you leave do some research (ask friends, read blogs, etc.) about some things you should do while there or places to see.  Or just wing it and explore!
  2. Make sure you pack a book, magazine and journal – if you feel self conscious about being alone, these are always good props to have when dining solo or hanging on beach solo – makes you look occupied and/or important. LOL. You can always use the journal to write about the experiences you’re having.
  3. Don’t take drinks from strangers.  LOL, no but seriously, don’t.  This is how people go missing and get trafficked. I’m real serious.
  4. If you’re paranoid like me because you watch too many crime shows – DON’T walk around alone at night or through dark alleys.  Stay in well lit areas around lots of people.  I mean you wouldn’t walk through dark alleys at home, right?
  5. Trust your intuition when it comes to meeting people.  I hung out with some guys at the  in Miami and their vibe was so chill and laid back versus the guy who approached me at the door.  He kept insisting and coming over inviting us to their bed (by the pool that is) and I was just like nahh! We’re good.  They could have been perfectly fine, but I wasn’t trying to find out otherwise.
People watching is my favorite hobby when I travel solo.

Anyway, I think EVERYONE should take a solo trip or two in their lifetime.  It’s a great way to spend some time alone with yourself and get more comfortable in your skin. It’s a practice in being present.

This was actually one of my best group vacations…but they left first…and I spent an entire day in my own company…it was wonderful!

There is nothing more grounding (I think) than spending a day alone at the beach or sitting at an outdoor cafe  – you are more in tuned with everything and everyone around you because you’re not distracted by friends and chatter.  Listen, I love my friends, but I also love my own company.  

So go ahead, book that solo trip ASAP! and then tell me all about it.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday!




Couldn’t think of a title for this!

Hey Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  So recently I reconnected with an old friend from high school. When I was a freshman he was a senior and I was completely smitten.  

I mean the biggest crush, but I behaved like all boys and girls who have a crush.  crushInstead of trying to actually get him to like me, I probably did everything in my power to annoy the shit out of him.  LOL.  High school crushes!  

Anyway, not that it mattered after all I was raised by a single Dominican mom and so that’s all I could do!  Crush on him!

Plus, it didn’t help that I was the latest bloomer ever and this guy looked like such a grownup to me.  He didn’t even look my way while in school. Though he will insist he did. 

High school…this is what he had to work with …but look at that hair!!

Fast forward few years later.  I walk into a club, all grown up (well, 19 and yes I had a fake ID) and as I walked across the room, who did I see? Yes. Him! My high school crush. My heart skipped a beat!  


Now, I was still in the process of blooming – apparently my body had not caught up with all the other girls.  But I happened to be coming from a fashion show (local) and was all dolled up and I felt very grown up. 

Trying to bloom..

Isn’t it amazing what a mask (make up, hair and clothes) will do to your confidence?  I strutted into that club like I was still on the runway. 

And when our eyes met, instead of rushing over and swooning at his feet (like I wanted to), I looked at him coyly (I don’t know where I learned to), gave him my best smile and walked to the bar.

Anyway, this is not the point of this blog.  We hung out a couple of times and shortly after we each went our way.  He wasn’t ’bout that life back then and the girls who had fully bloomed were apparently no competition for me.  

In all fairness, I wasn’t ’bout that life either.  I was just starting to spread my wings, test waters, and break rules at home.  (You guys know that doesn’t go over well if your mom’s Dominican!)

The point of this blog is that over the years we reconnected a few times via social media.  He no longer lived in area.  And life had gone on for the both of us.  Marriages, kids, divorces, work, etc.

Anyway we just recently reconnected AGAIN!  And we happen to both be single but living thousands of miles and an ocean apart.  It’s been exciting talking to him and building this mental relationship via texting and WhatsApp.  Let me tell you cyberspace and social media are great for creating the perfect person in your head.  I mean I imagine him larger than life still.

But I also realize that cyberspace is just that – cyberspace.  It’s kind of not reality.  No actually it’s not reality.  So I was talking to a friend and we were saying how I could be completely disappointed when I meet him again. He could be a totally different person (personality wise).

I won’t lie I mean it’s been over 20 years since I’ve seen this guy. I was a kid back then and as far as I am concerned, he was unattainable and LARGER THAN LIFE! 

Now, I’m wondering if I’ll have the same reaction when I see him or will I see him and be like “Oh, what was the big deal?”

When I was younger he seemed so – BIG! (get your minds out the gutters..LOL ).  He seemed so worldly and impressive and strong.  I felt young and naive, like a little girl.

But as I’ve grown older and I’ve had so many different experiences and been exposed to so much, I’ve learned a lot and have raised the bar when it comes to dating.  I know I am not so easily impressed anymore.  It takes more than a meal and a drink to catch and keep my attention.  

When I was younger, I had a certain “type” I gravitated towards, they had to be tall, dark and handsome (what a stupid cliche). And all superficial.  Again you live and learn. 

Now, I am okay with a guy that is not so tall or not that fit as long as he brings other important qualities to the table like chivalry and mental stimulation.  Someone who treats me and others well!  Kindness goes a long way.

I am not sure what I expect when I meet this guy again in the flesh, but chances are he won’t seem as larger than life as he did back then.  But then again I am sure I won’t seem so either.

Thanks for stopping by, loves! Hope you enjoyed!!

Fully bloomed!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have any new photos of me because my photographer/slash friend just doesn’t love me anymore…LOL…no but really I know you guys are so visual so I am working on them! (I don’t know why but I love disclaimers!)